Umbrella Agent

This is a retexture for Jill that features a black battle suit, embellished with Umbrella's logo and their distinctive shade of red.

The melee moves set has been altered and given unique names; they revolve around flowers and nature. I feel like there is an elegance to having these lethal moves being named so poetically. Especially, since I find the melee in Resident Evil 5 is named pretty generically. If you don't want the altered melee names, just don't include the Msg2Resource file in your installation.

Download here.

This mod uses a model configured for VZ61 dual wielding.

In order to use the dual wielding, you must have Raz0r and Dante's Trainer, the dualwielding.cfg file, the inventory file, and the "dual wielding" setting enabled in the trainer.

The .cfg and inventory files are included in my download.

The taunt animation has been replaced by a flipping animation.