A message to my visitors:

All of the mods posted on this website are my own. If any parts of the mod are taken from or are an adjustment of someone else's mod, it will be stated. Please also note that if I post something that features parts of someone else's mods, I have explicit permission from the author to do so. On the same note, please do not repost my mods, edited or not, without my permission. You are welcome to use them in any way other than the two ways just mentioned. Furthermore, I do not mind if you use my images for personal purposes, however, credit is greatly appreciated.

Moving on, please note that this website has not been optimized for any platforms besides desktop. The limitations of Google Sites are really difficult to work with sometimes and I feel that, since most people will be accessing my site from their computers, as to download my files, it makes most sense to focus on that platform. I apologize for any navigational or visual difficulties this causes.

Finally, do not use the Grimrose logo for personal or commercial purposes-- it is my creation and represents my "brand."

I appreciate everyone who visits this website and hope you can find something on here that is beneficial or, at least, interesting. Thank you.

All the best,